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Travelers with Special Needs

Airline Transportation

Most airlines provide assistance to passengers with special needs through their skycap (porter) service and are able to transport personal wheelchairs including folding, collapsible or non-folding manual wheelchairs, and electric/battery powered wheelchairs and electric powered carts. Typically, 48 hours advance notice and one hour for check-in on day of departure is needed for any electric/battery-powered chairs. Please advise your airline in advance to arrange for any special services to ensure assistance.

To learn what services are available in Hawaii, see the Hawaii Traveler Tips prepared by the Hawaii State Department of Health Disability and Communication Access Board.

Air Carrier Access Act 

The Air Carrier Access Act prohibits discrimination on the basis of disability in air travel.  The Department of Transportation has a rule defining the rights of passengers and the obligations of airlines under this law. This rule applies to all flights of U.S. airlines, and to flights to or from the United States by foreign airlines.  Click here for details.