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Traveling with Children

• Consider a red-eye flight. This increases the chance that your youngster will be able to sleep through the majority of the trip. This may not apply to your trip to Hawaii, but red-eye flights may be available on the return trip.

• While any child under two is not required to have their own seat, they may be happier if they do. Purchase a ticket for your infant as well, and use a FAA certified car seat.

• If you do use a car seat, make sure it has been certified for air travel.

• Bring lots of liquids. Air travel can be dehydrating, especially for children.

• Wrap up "surprises" for your children (or bring a toy they’ve never used) and pull them out when they get especially restless.  Finger foods are a great distraction.

• When traveling with your baby, give him or her a bottle or pacifier to suck on during takeoff and landing. This will help normalize pressure on the ears and keep your baby comfortable.